We aren’t exactly sure when it was first observed, but today is Star Wars Day. It plays on “May the Force Be With You,” a catchphrase that’s the Jedi equivalent of aloha.

As professional communicators and sci-fi fans, we know that Star Wars is more than a movie. It is part of our culture, sewing together diverse people into a fervent fanbase. That’s the power of great video.

Your organization’s video communication can define, shape, and promote your company’s culture.

Your corporate video can bind your people together, capture their imagination, and inspiring pride. It can transform a diverse group of individuals into a powerful, united team.
Ideation video fuels your organization, giving you the speed and power to jump to light speed. It’s what we do. Let’s chat about how we make it work for you.

And, of course, May the Fourth be with you, always.