Every organization wants to grow, to improve, to evolve. And that means change.

The old way of managing change means PowerPoint decks, team meetings, or even a town hall. Six weeks later, it’s usually back to business as usual. To inspire real change, you’re going to need more than a few emails, a town hall meeting, and slick PowerPoint deck.

First, you have to grab their attention. Motion graphics are a great option to capture attention in a corporate environment. Unlike a memo or a PowerPoint slide, motion graphics have movement, sound, and pictures, always a winning combination. They are a proven way to attract eyes to your message.

Next, you have to keep their attention. It might be an unexpected metaphor, a funny concept, or something that’s going to get them right in the feels. Motion graphics are a perfect way to get their minds fixed on your message.

Finally, convert their attention into action. Motion graphics can show your employees exactly where to go, what to do, and all the other particulars. If your change is complex or multifaceted, motion graphics can break down a seemingly impossible change into manageable bites and baby steps.

The difference between motion graphics and emails, presentations, or training modules is like the difference between high-speed WiFi and dial-up modem. Or, the difference between a bullet train and a bicycle. Ideation motion graphics get your message to more people, more effectively, and more efficiently. It’s like a turbo boost for your organization.

What change are you trying to drive this year, this quarter, or this month? Are you ready for a turbo boost?

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