2016 was the year that Instagram was supposed to present itself as a viable business platform and traditional text delivery gasped its last breath as the number one form of online communication. Did these digital marketing results live up to expectations? Let’s take a look.

The Instagram Influencer

Instagram introduced business profiles in 2016 and launched thousands of careers with “social influencers,” users with large followings. These influencers ended up being exponentially more effective than traditional online advertising methods. Being a social influencer is now an entirely legitimate full-time career choice that many people are actively pursuing.

Video Over Text

Various outlets reported that video would overtake text as the number one form of communication online, and it did. Every major social media platform invested in a live video option, and behind the scenes, videos became a new breakthrough for enterprise level companies like Coca-Cola to humanize itself to its audience. Creative video beat the pants off of highly produced video, by the way.

Social Media is Now Customer Service

Social media is the most real time communication that we have now, and this had marketers predicting this would create a new outlet for customer service. They were absolutely correct here, with Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp making deals and opening up new lines of communication specifically to help customers who were looking for answers online.

Mobile First

Many emerging markets such as Brazil already adhere to a mobile-first culture. Because more people in Brazil and India have smartphones than laptops, commercial websites aim to present themselves primarily on these platforms. First world markets were not supposed to follow suit until a few years down the line, but this prediction was wrong.

More companies than ever are dedicating themselves to mobile-first strategies. Google introduced special rules for mobile search that forced businesses to separate their mobile and traditional online platforms. The Millennial generation, the first generation who actually prefers mobile commerce to any other type, continues to lead the charge into this new world of mobile first.

What will 2017 bring for digital marketing – 360-degree video and VR marketing? Only time will tell, but the excitement is already brewing!